Windows Powershell Script Examples for devops

Below is a list of useful scripts for devops and continuous integration. I will periodically update this post.

Creating a multi-line bat file (or text file) via New-Item

The following creates a bat file with commands to stop two services by name, a blank line for readability and then a command to run a Setup.exe program. This code could just as easily be used to create any type of plain text file.

$batFile = "e:\deployment\Install-rev-$rev.bat"
New-Item $batFile -type file -force

Add-Content $batFile "net stop `"Your Service 1`""
Add-Content $batFile "net stop `"Your Service 2`""
Add-Content $batFile ""
Add-Content $batFile "e:\deployment\Setup.exe"

Providing Credentials via net-use

net use \\\E$ "password" /USER:domain\jdoe

Create EventLog Sources under a command Log Name via New-EventLog The below script must be executed as an Administrator since it will be modifying the registry. The script will iterate through an array of strings and create a new Event Log Source if it does not exist yet. If it exist an error will be shown and

$sources = "Custom API", "Custom Web Service", "Custom Windows Service",

Foreach ($source in $sources) {
    Write-Host "Attempting to add '$source'"
    New-EventLog -LogName "MyApplicationFamilyName" -Source $source

What version of PowerShell am I using?


Results in the following output:

Major  Minor  Build  Revision
-----  -----  -----  --------
3      0      -1     -1